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Welcome to RockandRollHeaven!


At this moment ... I AM SO VERY SAD! While I have not said anything about the ongoing issues that I have been dealing with, my LIFE has been very challenging in upholding the health problems of my mother, whose health has been declining rapidly.

While I have been working to get myself ahead in this world with my aims, desires and goals, it's been so very exscruciating having to juggle so many episodes surrounding the things in 'My World!'

I have personlly been trying to keep myself in a positive frame of mind over the years, and that in itself is very tough!

As the owner of this WEB SITE - I have rather large dreams in seeing things come together, but the resources have just not been there while I continue peacemealing a company together, that I would consider a very dynamic proposition ... once things begin falling into place!

Because we as a family have experienced about 5 passings in as many years, it has been somewhat devastating!

All I can hope for is that my goals and desires are wrapped up in my faith that I will see my company become a publsihing, marketing and promotional NON-PROFIT company that can 'Pass it Forward' in helping people, while we continue 'Holding onto a Nostalgia Past' and a 'Way of LIFE' that makes so much sense for the future!

Because we are not and have not made any money, but in fact are spending thousands to keep things on track, this is a NON PROFIT company!

Get in touch with me if you like! It's not that hard. I would love to hear from you - shoot me an e-mail;

Mason Ramsey

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