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Welcome to RockandRollHeaven!


To all of those who may take an interest; An era has come to an end with the passing of our mother, who was an extremely strong willed southern woman with a compassion for others, but as stubborn as the day is long! Yet, I would not trade her for any other in LIFE!

Because LIFE has been a struggle over the last several years with not only her health, but that of our family and friends ... it has been very hard to concentrate on pushing ahead with any business plans for America's Coast to Coast Entertainment Network. It was also eight years of struggle with the last American administration and the exscruciating economics in having to juggle so many episodes surrounding the things in 'My World' that it has been a virtual 'Roller Coaster Ride' through LIFE!

Personally trying to keeping myself in a positive frame of mind over these last ten years, has been exhausting!

However, as the owner of this WEB SITE - I do not believe in coincidences nor accidents, and that ALL things happen for reasons beyond my mortal comprehension and remain in the ultimate plan of GOD'S universe!

Please be patient as I take LIFE just 'One Step at a Time' ... and at a pace that seemingly is as slow as the slowest turtle one can possibly imagine!

All I can hope for is that my goals and desires are continually wrapped up in my faith that I will see my company become a publsihing, marketing and promotional NON-PROFIT company that can 'Pass it Forward' in helping people, while we continue 'Holding onto a Nostalgia Past' and a 'Way of LIFE' that makes so much more sense for the future!

Because we are not and have not made any money, but in fact are spending thousands to keep things on track, this is a NON PROFIT company!

While I have asked to hear from folks ... to date; not many people want to take the time, even though our statistics are showing that; people are tuning into the music!

I would enjoy reading an e-mail from those interested in reaching out. It's not that hard, just drop a line. Who knows where things will go, when you take the time to connect. So, here's the e-mail;

Mason Ramsey

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