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Welcome to RockandRollHeaven!


YES! There is THIS WEBSITE ---

YES! There is a signal, however ... it remains PRIVATE for the meantime!

We believe in "Music for the Ages" and JST KLSX ... it however, takes more effort, and for now ... we are just feeling too much pressure with all that has been unfolding in this crazy world. We do own our domains, and of course the programming ideology and production will be playing in the background as we take down the 'sites' in an effort to focus more on the future of a 'Dream Come True' ... but, we have to 'Step Back' until we are able to put ourselves on a more secure Foundation and with better support administratively. Here is an email for those who want to send any emails for whatever reason;

As always, we are always looking forward in hearing from you. The future, we believe ... STILL looks great! E - Mail if you like, we would love to hear from you. E-Mail: - use it if you want to get in touch. We would love to hear from you!

The LORD JESUS CHRIST is RISEN! Enjoy the Easter Holiday

Mason Ramsey

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