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Welcome to RockandRollHeaven!

09.23/2016 If you are having an opportunity in listening to this music stream, please be aware that I would love to hear from each of you, just in knowing that you're a 'real person' taking some time in making a connection, and a comment. All you have to do is drop me a line to --- Please make it to my attention, so that I do not mistake it for spam or an attempt from a clever hacker to do whatever is they want to do.

Of course, we have been through a tremendous growing process over the years with insurmountable technical issues, and I do apologize ... but it has truly been a learning experience for myself, as I learn so many of the intricate ins and outs of becoming a publishing company, and wearing many, many hats.

It has been a monstrous undertaking, but I love LIFE and Music so very much and looking to carry forward with an ideology and philosophy that brings not only happiness but peace and tranquility in an era that's been much more than a generation lost to history, but in maintaining a 'feeling' and 'passion' for a time in our LIVES where the world seemed so much more genuine.

You may find that we are becoming a bit more stable, now that we have had a bit of success with our internet provider in our new location. Yet, it is what it is, and will be what it is intended to be!

While the 'Signal' is somewhat consistent after all of these years of the same old problems in 'Engineering' and the same old 'Provider' issues; as always I remain in 'The Faith' that we will overcome those insurmountable problems! This truly is the 'World's Best Blend of Music' and a future platform that will undoubtedly be a mainstay for a generation of music lovers around the world. This is "Music for the Ages!"

We continue to hold onto our 'Love' and those 'Guiding' factors, on a path that is opening before us, and while the music keeps reverberating throughout our existence, as it continues to wash over each of us in a way that will bring those memories to the forefront of our lives.

I do appreciate the time in people stopping by to check on our progress, and invite you to please use this email to contact me, if you are interested in wanting to stay in touch; -

Looking forward in hearing from you. The future, in my mind ... STILL looks great! But lets face it ...I am not a TECH PERSON! But it's coming around. Mason.

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