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Well It’s About Time! I’ve Been Here And It’s Been A Ride!


Well, it’s been a long time since I have actually been able to sit down and write a ‘blog’ for our station, https://rockandrollheaven.net – in fact, I don’t believe I have written anything since 2018 or even early as 2017, after I began removing all of the previous ‘blogs’ from the internet, mainly because our lives were in such a ‘State of Flux’ it was hard to even fathom what was actually happening at the time, much less try and keep up with the rising tide we were facing … but we made it through those times.

It was in January 2020 that Judi and I decided to leave the state of Colorado and move our home and business to the Sunshine State.

We arrived in late June of 2020 after successfully closing out more than twenty plus years of living in Aurora, Colorado, and … we couldn’t be more enthusiastic about making that decision.

While it’s already July 2022, we have made significant progress aside from having to deal with the external issues heaped upon the world in March of 2020 that began at the onset of our exodus from Colorado.

Our journey with this company began much earlier in our lives, but the actual on-air date began on December 30, 2006, which is incidentally the day they ‘Hung Saddam Hussein’ and my ex-wife’s birthday, so it’s a hard day to forget. Although I never knew Saddam Hussein, I can say that my ex-wife and I are friends after all those years of evolving into a ‘sensible’ human being and coming to terms with the way things ‘went down,’ but I will tell you … it wasn’t easy, but I learned a great deal.

And so, here we are starting fresh, although we’ve been constantly working to hold and maintain our dreams, desires, and goals for the future for years. Yet, I have changed my thinking over those years … a lot in fact … to where I’ve stopped saying that ‘Good things are coming’ when I am now of the mindset, they will never get here if I keep thinking ‘it’s coming’ when the past, present and future are already “Right Here … Right Now!”

There really is no other way to look at it, other than … we have to realize or must come to a conclusion that in this world, all things are connected and there is no such thing as accidents or coincidences, or at least … not in GOD’S realm.



When I can find time, I do read a great deal and constantly looking to expand my horizons when it comes to the physical world, where we currently find ourselves. Although I am constantly annotating the books I read, I find that they give more insight into the historical and scientific realm of our physical realty that drifts into a ‘Spiritual’ realm or the relations to the sub-conscious mind or the unknown communications that are revolving around us daily, hoping at best to continue this journey leading me to something greater than I have ever experienced, and happier than I could possibly imagine.

Seeing the world spread out before me, has taken me back to other memories, when such great things happened, yet I was too young to really understand what was happening at the time, all the while ‘Riding that Wave’ and never fully understanding the significance of the circumstances at the time.

Now, here we are in Ocala, Florida and we have set up our studios to continue withAccen-Coast-07-28-2022 forward with our internet / publishing platform. While we have administratively set up the administrative paperwork’s governing the State of Florida and of course the IRS, we have also set up the NOT-for-PROFIT 501 (c) 3 charity in moving our efforts in ‘Paying it Forward’ with AMERICA’S COAST to COAST ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK while also working toward the acquisition of local terrestrial station with ALL AMERICAN STREAMING, Inc. (You can do a records search with the Secretary of the State of Florida)

Our engineer from IHEART radio, Dominic Bond has now been working with us for the last couple of years and has recently installed the BRAND-NEW digital equipment in the last month, which will allow us to effectively move into the position we’ve been projecting since those days of ‘me’ working in satellite radio.
And, I know things are starting to improve after we were finally able to enlist a confident ‘Joe Fozzy’ an IT / Engineer who has already been progressively taking a positive approach in the upgrade of our web platform here on https://rockandrollheaven.net

If you’ve been on our site, you can see that we have a lot to accomplish, but you can also see that vast improvements are taking place, and this site is going to be totally awesome!

Jst-Klsx-Jukebox-07-28-2022In the radio signal itself, I hear something even more engaging as the site itself. If you listen to our stream, you can feel the rhythm, but it’s a constant work in progress.

We have a couple of subscribers, Dave and Beverlee Woodruff and Chris Neville who are helping us in our efforts monthly, but we do need your support as we continue moving forward.

Our efforts to get where we are today, also could not have been possible without those people like Dave and Mary Smith, Christine Daniel, Bill (Willie D.) Santo who have generously put forward a few finances to get us ‘Rockin’ … or from Steve Creaturo whose submitted hundreds of tunes along the way or even that of Dennis Minardi’s efforts who would step in from time to time helping with our seemingly endless computer problems. But also, in the countless listeners who believe not only in our dreams, but a format that will ‘Last an Eternity!’

You can see the NEW changes on the front page, where you can also send a request that comes right to our email address. You can also leave a comment, message, suggestion or even a request on our studio line (352) 421-9733 – Just tell is who you are, where you are and what’s on your mind and then sit back, relax, and enjoy what’s coming your way!

If you stick with us — the plans we have been working toward, are everything you can imagine in what radio was like and can be again.

We would love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out in one fashion or another. We’ll always do what we can to make it as engaging and creative as possible.

To get a ‘Feel’ for the stream, people have been leaving it on all the time. When you do, you become a little more connected … and it feels good!