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Nineteen Fifty Nine

1959 Imatation Of Life Sandra Dee Dan Oherilhy



President:  Dwight D. Eisenhower
Vice President:  Richard Milhouse Nixon


House $ 30,000.00 (3-bedroom Ranch Style)
Average income $ 5,016.00 (Yearly)
Minimum Wage $ 1.00 (Per Hour)
Cost of new car $ 2,250.00
Gas (Gallon) $ .25
Milk (Gallon) $ 1.01
Postage Stamp $ .04
Bread $ .20
Eggs (Dozen) $ .89

NEWS OF 1959

  1. 45 million households in America have tv sets
  2. There are 492tv stations, 156 AM radio stations and 537 FM stations ‘On the Air’
  3. After a two-year guerrilla campaign, Fidel Castro overthrows the Cuban Dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista and the USA acknowledges it when Cuba honors international agreements.
  4. January 3, 1959 President Eisenhower proclaims Alaska the 49thState of the Union (purchased from Russia in 1867 and a US Territory since 1912)
  5. The “Peace Time” Draft is extended until June 1, 1963.
  6. The Dalai Lama flees Tibet to India.
  7. The St. Lawrence Seaway is opened by Queen Elizabeth and President Eisenhower.
  8. Since 1945the USA has admitted 750,000 refugees and 5 million with regulation immigration visas.
  9. Richard Nixon makes first visit to Moscow.
  10. August 21, 1959 President Eisenhower proclaims Hawaii to be the 50th  Since 1903 the Islanders have petitioned the USA for statehood (17 times).
  11. A 12 Nation treaty sets Antarctica aside as a scientific preserve.
  12. US Military closes the gates to Guantanamo off the eastern end of Cuba.  The USA has a “Lease in Perpetuity”since 1903.  We pay $4,085.00 per year on the lease.  (Castro has never cashed any of the checks.)
  13. American Airlines inaugurates the First regularly scheduled transcontinental jet passenger service from Los Angeles to New York City.  The Boeing 707 cuts 2hours 7 minutes off the 1954 propeller-plane flight of 6 hours, 10
  14. Quantas inaugurates the first regularly scheduled “Round the World”jet passenger service (Excluding the continental USA)
  15. The first “Walk for Charity” takes place in Wiltshire England and raises $56.00 for “The World Refugee Fund.”
  16. Thailand outlaw’s opium and closes approximately900 licensed smoking dens.
  17. The Luna 1 is the first spacecraft to break free of the Earth’s gravitational pull.
  18. NASA introduces the first 7 astronauts:  Scott Carpenter, Gordon Cooper, John Glenn, Gus Grissom, Wally Schirra, Alan Shepard, and Deke Slayton.
  19. Louis Leakey finds a fossil dating 600,000to 1 million years old.
  20. Lady Chatterly’s Lover is banned by the U.S. Postmaster General
  21. Time magazine votes Dwight D. Eisenhower as the Man of the Year.

People born in 1959

  1. Bryan Adams (Canadian Singer)
  2. Hugh Laurie (Actor) Dr. House
  3. John McEnroe (Tennis)
  4. Kevin Spacey (Actor)
  5. Lawrence Taylor (Football player)
  6. Marie Osmond (singer)
  7. Natassja Kinski (Actress)
  8. Paula Poundstone (Comedienne)
  9. Rosanna Arquette (Actress)
  10. Rupert Everett (Actor) “Shakespeare in Love”
  11. Val Kilmer (Actor) Played Jim Morrison, and was Batman Forever

People who Passed Away in 1959

  1. Henry Brittain (1874August 1959) Ship-builder, who in his youth invented the Ice Cream cone.  When selling Ice creams at the 1898 World’s Fair Henry noticed the sweet pancakes in the booth next door were curling into cones, grabbed one and the rest is history.
  2. Walter Williams (11/14/1842 – 12/19/1959) Last survivor of the Civil War dies at the age of 117.  Eisenhower orders all flags to be flown half-mast to honor ALL Civil War veterans.
  3. Frank Lloyd Wright (6/8/1869 – 4/9/1959)Architect known for “Prairie Homes” that conform to the terrain.
  4. Raymond Chandler (7/23/1888 – 3/26/1959) Journalist and author.  Wrote “The Big Sleep,” – “The Lady in the Lake” – “Double Indemnity”
  5. Mack Gordon (6/21/1904 – 3/1/1959) lyricist who wrote “Chattanooga Choo Choo”
  6. Billie Holiday (4/7/1915 – 7/17/1959)Singer, first appeared at age 15 where Benny Goodman hired her, she also sang with Count Basie and The Artie Shaw bands.
  7. Buddy Holly (9/7/1936 – 2/3/1959) Singer (too many Songs to list)
  8. P. Richardson (10/24/1930 – 2/3/1959) Big Bopper “Chantilly Lace”
  9. Ritchie Vallens (5/13/1941 – 2/3/1959)Singer “La Bamba” “Donna”
  10. Ethel Barrymore (8/15/1879 – 6/18/1959)Actress, one of the “famous Barrymores”
  11. Lou Costello (3/6/1908 – 3/3/1959) comic “Who’s on First”with Bud Abbott
  12. Cecil B DeMille (8/12/1881 – 1/21/1959)Director “Cleopatra” “The 10 Commandments”
  13. Errol Flynn (6/20/1901 – 10/14/1959) Actor “Captain Blood” and “Robin Hood”
  14. Edmund Gwenn (9/26/1877 – 9/6/1959) Actor, most famous for playing the Santa Claus in “miracle on 34thStreet (1947)
  15. Geroge Reeves (4/6/1914-6/16/1959)Actor portrayed Superman was also in “Gone with the Wind”


  1. Metrecal drink (first diet drink supplement)
  2. Frosty O’s  
  3. Coca-Cola introduces “Fanta”
  4. The Ford Falcon is introduced.
  5. The Chevy Corvair is Introduced (the first US rear-engine produced car)
  6. The Studebaker Lark is introduced
  7. The Chrysler Valiant is also introduced.
  8. Japan manufactures 79,000 cars (mostly Toyotas and Datsun’s, this is compared to 110 cars that were manufactured in 1947)
  9. The Barbie doll makes her debut at the New York Toy Fair.
  10. Hugh C. McDonald produces 500 master foils of lips, eyes, chins and hairlines and the first “Identikits” are introduced and results in an arrest in the first month of use.
  11. The first Hovercraft is experimented on the English Channel by Christopher Cockerell … it is a success.
  12. 94%of the US telephones are now dial operated (not needing an operator to dial for them) but only 15 million Americans can dial long distance calls without an operator.
  13. The Xerox 914is introduced.  The first production-line photo copier can make 6 copies a minute.
  14. Ski-Doo snowmobiles are introduced.
  15. New Toys that made it out for Christmas time:  Chatty Cathy, Troll Dolls, Roller Derby Skateboards, The Game of Life and Risk.


  1. Go karts
  2. Valet parking
  3. Bubble bug (Helicopter)
  4. Identikits
  5. Designer “ready to wear” outfits from Pierre Cardin
  6. The Bikini


  1. Sandra Dee
  2. James Garner
  3. Lee Remick
  4. John Saxon
  5. Sidney Poitier
  6. Ernie Kovacs
  7. Carolyn Jones

OSCARS – 1959

  • Best Picture Ben Hur
  • Best Actor   Charlton Heston in Ben Hur
  • Best Supporting Actor   Hugh Griffith in Ben Hur
  • Best Actress Simone Signoret in “Room at the Top”
  • Best Supporting Actress Shelly Winters in “The Diary of Anne Frank”
  • Best Song High Hopes (from “A Hole in the Head”)

Movies We Were Going To See in 1959

  1. Anatomy of a Murder
  2. Ben-Hur   (top money grossing movie of 1959)
  3. Darby O’Gill and the Little People
  4. Devil’s Deciple
  5. Journey to the Center of the Earth
  6. North by Northwest
  7. The Mouse that Roared
  8. Operation Petticoat
  9. Pillow Talk
  10. Rio Bravo
  11. Porgy & Bess
  12. Disney’s Sleeping Beauty
  13. Some Like it hot.

The Emmy Awards of 1959

  • Best Dramatic Series Playhouse 90 (CBS)
  • Best Musical/Variety show The Dinah Shore Chevy Show (NBC)
  • Best Comedy Show the Jack Benny Show (CBS)
  • Best Actor in Dramatic Series Raymond Burr in Perry Mason (CBS)
  • Best Actress in Dramatic Series Loretta Young-The Loretta Young Show NB
  • Best Actor in Comedy Series Jack Benny in The Jack Benny Show (CBS)
  • Best Actress in Comedy Series Jane Wyatt in Father Knows Best (CBS-NBC


  1. Adventures in Paradise
  2. Bat Materson Starring Gene Berry
  3. Bonanza Debuts September 12, 1959
  4. Dennis the Menace Starring: Jay North and Herbert Anderson
  5. Hawaiian Eye Starring Robert Conrad and Connie Francis
  6. Laramie Starring John Smith and Robert Fuller
  7. The many Loves of Dobie Gillis Starring Dwayne Hickman, Bob Denver
  8. Rawhide Starring Eric Fleming, Clint Eastwood & Sheb Wooley (1959-1965)
  9. Riverboat Starring Darren McGavin and Burt Reynolds
  10. The Untouchables Starring Robert Stack
  11. The Twilight Zone Starring Rod Serling (opening line) “There is a sixth dimension beyond that which is known to man.  It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity.  It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition: between the pit of man’s fears and the sunlight of his knowledge.  It is the dimension of the imagination.  It is an area that we call … The Twilight Zone”


  1. Jell-O Asian child trying to eat green jell-o with chopsticks
  2. Choo Choo Charlie introduces Good & Plentys


New Recording Artists for 1959

  1. Annette Funicello
  2. Brook Benton
  3. Chubby Checker
  4. James Darren
  5. Fabian
  6. Isley Brothers
  7. Jan & Dean
  8. Cliff Richards (voted first British “teen” idol)
  9. Bobby Rydell
  10. Bobby Vee
  11. Bobby Darin


Record of the Year Mack the knife by Bobby Darin
Song of the Year the Battle of New Orleans (by Jimmy Driftwood)
Album of the Year Come Dance with Me by Frank Sinatra
Best Vocal-Male Frank Sinatra, “Come Dance with Me
Best Vocal-Female Ella Fitzgerald “But not for me”
Best New Artist Bobby Darin
Best Vocal-Duo/Group Kingston Trio

#1 Selling song of 1959

The Battle of New Orleans by Johnny Horton (Top Billboards Pop & Country Charts)

Top selling Albums of 1959

The Sound of Music Original cast

The Kingston Trio at Large the Kingston Trio

Top songs we listened to in 1959

  1. Mack the Knife Bobby Darin
  2. Battle of New Orleans Johnny Horton
  3. Venus Frankie Avalon
  4. Stagger Lee Lloyd Price (Top R&B hit of 1959)
  5. The Three Bells The Browns
  6. Come Softly to me The Fleetwoods
  7. Lonely Boy Paul Anka
  8. Smoke Gets in your Eyes The Platters
  9. Heartaches by the Number Guy Mitchell
  10. Sleep Walk Santo & Johnny
  11. Kansas City Wilbert Harrison
  12. A Big Hunk of Love Elvis Presley
  13. Blue The Fleetwoods
  14. The Happy Organ Dave “Baby” Cortez
  15. Personality Lloyd Price
  16. Put your head on my shoulder Paul Anka
  17. Charlie Brown The Coasters
  18. Donna Ritchie Vallens
  19. 16 Candles Crests
  20. Sea of Love Phil Phillips

Other Songs We Were Grooving To In 1959

  1. It’s just a matter of time Brook Benton
  2. Pink Shoe Laces Dodie Stevens
  3. Dream Lover Bobby Darin
  4. Tiger Fabin
  5. There goes my baby The Drifters
  6. Poison Ivy The Coasters
  7. Kookie, lend me your comb Connie Stevens
  8. What’d I say? Ray Charles
  9. La Bamba Ritchie Vallens
  10. Deck of Cards Wink Martindale
  11. El Paso Marty Robbins
  12. High Hopes Frank Sinatra
  13. Lonely Teardrops Jackie Wilson
  14. Misty Johnny Mathis
  15. Oh Carol Neil Sedaka (debut song)
  16. Running Bear Johnny Preston
  17. Sea Cruise Frankie Ford
  18. Tell Paul Annette w/the Afterbeats
  19. Turn me Loose Fabin
  20. Alvin’s Harmonica Alvin and the Chipmunks

Music News

  1. Buddy Holly, J.P. Richardson (Big Bopper) and Ritchie Vallens die in a plane crash outside Mason City Iowa on their way to North Dakota.
  2. A British court awards Wladziu Valentino Liberace $22,400 in a libel case against
    “The London Daily Mirror”for implying that the 40 YR old was a “Homosexual”.
  3. Chuck Berry brings a 14 YR. old Mexican girl up from Mexico to work in his St. Louis nightclub.  After being fired, she goes to police and he is charged with transporting a minor across state lines for “Immoral Purposes” … he goes to jail for 2
  4. The dances “The Dog,” “The Shag” and “The Alligator”are banned on American Bandstand for being “too sexy”.
  5. Neil Sedaka abandons his training as a concert pianist after “Stupid Cupid”goes top 10.  He follows it up with “Oh Carol”
  6. Fans vote Jan and Dean as “The Most Significant New Group”
  7. Joan Baez gains recognition after her appearance at the Newport Folk Festival.
  8. Stereo “L.P.”s gain popularity and are up 20% in sales.
  9. “Mail order” music clubs are introduced.
  10. Berry Gordy borrows $800 to open Tamla Records and within a year incorporates as “Motown Records”

“October 23, 1956, is a day that will live forever in the annals of free men and nations. It was a day of courage, conscience and triumph. No other day since history began has shown more clearly the eternal unquenchability of man’s desire to be free, whatever the odds against success, whatever the sacrifice required.”

– John F Kennedy
2000Px Billboard Logo.svg
1959 North By Northwest Cary Grant James Stewart 2 Scaled

Top 100 Songs For 1959


  1. The Battle of New Orleans Johnny Horton
  2. Mack the Knife Bobby Darin
  3. Personality Lloyd Price
  4. Venus Frankie Avalon
  5. Lonely Boy Paul Anka
  6. Dream Lover Bobby Darin
  7. The Three Bells Browns, The
  8. Come Softly To Me Fleetwoods, The
  9. Kansas City Wilbert Harrison
  10. Mr. Blue Fleetwoods, The
  11. Sleep Walk Santo & Johnny
  12. Put Your Head on My Shoulder Paul Anka
  13. Stagger Lee Lloyd Price
  14. Donna Ritchie Valens
  15. Pink Shoelaces Dodie Stevens
  16. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes Platters, The
  17. Charlie Brown Coasters, The
  18. Quiet Village Martin Denny
  19. My Heart Is An Open Book Carl Dobkins Jr.
  20. I Kissed You Everly Brothers
  1. Sea of Love Phil Phillips & the Twilights
  2. The Happy Organ Dave “Baby” Cortez
  3. I’m Gonna Get Married Lloyd Price
  4. Sorry (I Ran All the Way Home) Impalas, The
  5. A Teenager in Love Dion & the Belmonts
  6. 16 Candles Crests, The
  7. It’s Just a Matter of Time Brook Benton
  8. Lipstick on Your Collar Connie Francis
  9. There Goes My Baby Drifters, The
  10. A Big Hunk O’ Love Elvis Presley
  11. Red River Rock Johnny & the Hurricanes
  12. Waterloo Stonewall Jackson
  13. Lavender Blue (Dilly Dilly) Sammy Turner
  14. A Fool Such As I Elvis Presley
  15. Guitar Boogie Shuffle Virtues, The
  16. Teen Beat Sandy Nelson
  17. Kookie Kookie Lend Me Your Comb Edward Burns & Connie Stevens
  18. Tragedy Thomas Wayne
  19. My Happiness Connie Francis
  20. Tallahassee Lassie Freddie Cannon
1959 Shane Alan Ladd Jean Arthur Scaled
1959 Suddenly Last Summer Elizabeth Taylor Katherine Hepburn Montgomery Clift
  1. Tiger Fabian
  2. Never Be Anyone Else But You Ricky Nelson
  3. Don’t You Know Della Reese
  4. I Need Your Love Tonight Elvis Presley
  5. What a Difference a Day Makes Dinah Washington
  6. All American Boy Bill Parsons
  7. Primrose Lane Jerry Wallace
  8. Alvin’s Harmonica David Seville & the Chipmunks
  9. Lonely Street Andy Williams
  10. What’d I Say Ray Charles
  11. Broken-hearted Melody Sarah Vaughan
  12. Only You Franck Pourcel
  13. Gotta Travel On Billy Grammer
  14. Poison Ivy Coasters, The
  15. Turn Me Loose Fabian
  16. Hawaiian Wedding Song Andy Williams
  17. Forty Miles of Bad Road Duane Eddy
  18. Lonely Teardrops Jackie Wilson
  19. Just Ask Your Heart Frankie Avalon
  20. Tell Him No Travis & Bob
  1. Frankie Connie Francis
  2. I’ve had It Bell Notes, The
  3. I Cried a Tear Lavern Baker
  4. Enchanted Platters, The
  5. Since I Don’t Have You Skyliners
  6. Peter Gunn Theme Ray Anthony
  7. The Chipmunk Song David Seville & the Chipmunks
  8. I Want To Walk You Home Fats Domino
  9. Bobby Sox to Stockings Frankie Avalon
  10. Deck of Cards Wink Martindale
  11. A Lover’s Question Clyde Mcphatter
  12. I Only Have Eyes for You Flamingos, The
  13. Its Late Ricky Nelson
  14. Petite Fleur Chris Barber’s Jazz Band, The
  15. Tall Paul Annette Funnichello
  16. The Tijuana Jail Kingston Trio, The
  17. Just A Little Too Much Ricky Nelson
  18. Goodbye Baby Jack Scott
  19. Along Came Jones Coasters, The
  20. Three Stars Tommy Dee & Carol Kay
1959 Horse Soldiers John Wayne
1959 Ben Hur Charlton Heston Scaled
  1. A Boy without a Girl Frankie Avalon
  2. Sweeter Than You Ricky Nelson
  3. It Was I Skip & Flip
  4. Goodbye, Jimmy, Goodbye Kathy Linden
  5. Manhattan Spiritual Reg Owens Orchestra, The
  6. Endlessly Brook Benton
  7. Heartaches by the Number Guy Mitchell
  8. So Fine Fiestas, The
  9. Sea Cruise Frankie Ford
  10. That’s Why Jackie Wilson
  11. You’re So Fine Falcons, The
  12. Kissin’ Time Bobby Rydell
  13. My Wish Came True Elvis Presley
  14. Morgen Ivo Robic
  15. Baby Talk Jan & Dean
  16. Take A Message to Mary Everly Brothers, The
  17. Battle Hymn of the Republic Mormon Tabernacle Choir
  18. Bongo Rock Preston Epps
  19. In The Mood Ernie Fields Orchestra
  20. Seven Little Girls Sitting In the Back Seat Paul Evans & the Curls

1959 In Pictures


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