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If you have in your LIFE, never heard of the Southern Expression “Don’t worry about the mule being blind, just take hold of the line…the mule knows where he’s going,” well, I’m sure that you have never heard the one, “Stretched tighter than a gnat’s ass over a rain barrel!”

It’s that Southern Razor sharp witticism’s of my mother, that has possibly put those thoughts of “Seeing is Believing, but, not seeing, and still believing…is one of the hardest tests of Faith” into my consciousness. Although, I do feel her feelings come from the Classic Roots of a Heritage steeped in the Old Timey Religion of Christianity…from way down South…but I still think the mule has a line attached to his DUMB ASS no matter where he thinks he’s going!

The point is: After reaching this stage in my LIFE, I do know that it really is a matter of faith, but…it also comes right down to making things happen according to each individual’s own passion’s and desires, according to the WILL of a HIGHER calling. The reason I say this, in this manner, is only that; I am consistently being drawn to follow through with the near coincidences that seem to be crossing my path. I spoke with April Love (C.A.S.T. Productions) today as much as Jacqueline Giroux (Global Film Productions)Laura Bryan and others, but, it was April
who brought the Movie project, Bodies in the Bay another step closer. We have already decided to begin CASTING for some of the roles, by using dialogue from the novel to give a few Florida talents, we’ve spoken of, on a few occasions…an opportunity to show their intensity and
ability to portray these horrific scenes. The women, and young women who are going to be in these roles, will be depicting a devastating inhumanity to not only women, but to innocent victims who fall prey to unsuspecting evil in the form of “Man” succumbing to their “Own” selfish and twisted nature.

The actresses picked to represent these victims; must be able to reach deep within themselves enough – to make an AUDIENCE walk away with a sorrowful and everlasting impression that will follow ‘them’ for the rest of their lives. I know that, from reviews from young female readers of the Novel, they have said to me, “Mason, reading your book, has left me feeling more aware of the dangers of meeting kind strangers.” And, it’s not only young women readers, but readers of all ages and gender who have said the same things, “I couldn’t believe how reading this book, made me feel like I was right there…watching it unfold before my very eyes.”

To me, I think that is what I would like to render from the making of this movie. I don’t want people thinking that: they are there just watching a story based on a the true story of a mother and two daughters who were murdered in this most heinous manner, I want the audience to feel as if it really were happening; right there, right then, right now, and they, the audience are there watching it unfold, as if it were happening to them.

Likewise, the role of the perpetrator must as equally be played by someone, unafraid to be forever associated with such a devastating role. Granted, in the movies, there have been some very stunning performances, however, in an effort to make this story as Dynamically and as realistically as possible, those actors and actresses will no doubt have to be…extremely convincing and emotionally charged, hanging any Spectators between Heaven and Earth.

April has already taken it upon the project to gather a mother and daughter team, that have no real Inhibitions, knowing that the message of the story is really teaching those (and others) about listening to their intuitions. After all, I’m a firm believer in Christ; I know it’s the Holy Spirit
that speaks to us all if we choose to listen. Most of us do not!

I would like to be on location and the movie sets in Tampa, Florida in July, August and September, taking advantage of the season. April whole-heartedly agrees with me, that this timetable would work well. It may be that John Salter, Stephanie Cattell, Tony D’Angelo, Stevie Cre, Frank DiLeo, Laura Bryan, Jackie Giroux, Sparky and Barbara Miller, Jack Baby, DeAnn Lawson, Sharon and Shaylan Neville will also be ready to set their clocks to take advantage of this fabulous opportunity.

So, in reaching back to my Southern Roots, and that Classic Rock and Roll Feeling, I might have a Blind Ol’ Mule, and I’m holding on to the line…but, I feel pretty sure that; those aforementioned individuals just to name a few, should seriously know they are the ones helping me in keeping that DUMB ASS Mule on the right path.

If I believe, and I can convince those with the same desires, that we are the “Ones” to make it happen…Donald Trump’s high falutin’ business apprentices have nothing on us. “I’ve seen the program, and I’m confident ‘We’ can do much, much better. Hmmm, I think I smell a bunch of carrots.”

“Man, I just realized! I might be that DAMN BLIND MULE!