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About Americas Coast To Coast Entertainment Network

Executive Summary

Welcome to High Quality and Entertaining Content

Americas Coast to Coast Entertainment Network (ACCEN) is a company already providing high quality and entertaining content via its publishing platform / web site/s and previously to affiliate satellite radio stations across the United States.

Although ACCEN has not actually begun its ‘Official’ business operations, ACCEN has already been … since December 30, 2006 developing a ‘Concept’ for programming …mostly for distribution to small, medium and major market radio affiliates across the United States.

That concept involves the philosophy of ‘Radio and Entertainment’ that appears to be eroding from the broadcasting industry very quickly … unless we do something, that returns ‘The Cultural Mainstream’ to the days of ‘Old School’ entertainment in which we all remember so fondly.

Those were the days in which ‘We’ saw a revolutionary evolution of music that defined a generation and became a focal point in ‘Our’ memories, which must be preserved for posterity’s sake of future generations.

Company Profile

From the onset of Mason Ramsey’s career beginning Oct 9, 1974 as a radio and entertainment professional; Mason has become a polished writer, producer, director, novelist, and an ‘On Air Personality,’ writing, voicing and producing hundreds of radio and television commercials.

It was a bit more than a few years ago, when Mason Ramsey was broadcasting to 130 markets on a satellite network (Jones Satellite Radio Network now Dial Global) that carried two shows on Saturday and Sunday nights to an audience of approximately 1.2 million people.

This experience became more of an inspired passion, when Mason realized the potential for really ‘Connecting’ with a ‘National Audience’ that is presently culminating into more of a ‘World Wide’ presence while; holding onto the notion of embellishing the concept of ‘Great American Radio’ as it was ‘Felt’ in the ‘Hey Day’ of a ‘Big Sound’ and ‘Production.’

This ‘Concept’ inspires an audience to ‘Tune In’ as ‘Regulars’ because … ‘they’ feel an ‘Inter – Personal Connectivity and Freedom’ through a ‘Radio Personality’ willing to ‘Step Outside’ the boundaries of a radio station’s strictly formatted playlist.

Ultimately this is giving ‘The People’ what they have been longing for, which seems to be ‘Falling by the Wayside’ in this modern day corporate business world, intent on ‘Stream Lining’ ‘Their Bottom Line’ for the sake of corporate profits. (Please understand; there is nothing wrong with making a profit, but at what cost?)

Now, having the opportunity of owning www.RockandRollHeaven.com is allowing Mason a diversity that is found lacking in the ‘Cultural Mainstream’ radio.

This continues to allow Mason a prospect of gaining and meeting the needs of listeners over a ‘Broad Spectrum’ while broadcasting seven days a week twenty-four hours a day. ACCEN currently has listeners in all 50 states as well as an international fan base.

America’s Coast to Coast Entertainment Network has been positioning itself to acquire a vastly growing ‘Baby Boomer’ market along with listeners of all ages. In fact, it is what ACCEN is counting on with a slogan and philosophy of “Music for the AGES!”

That statement and positioning ‘Logo’ pretty much says it all: a young audience who have never been subjected to an ‘Old Classic Tune’ is ‘Hearing it for the first time’ alongside a ‘Contemporary’ piece of music just as if it had been played for the ‘First Time’ when someone from the ‘Older Generation’ heard it for the first time 50 years prior.

It really is a NEW format, presented as it was in the day the song ‘Hit the Mainstream’ or the World as we have come to know it!

What is fascinating is that; in today’s ‘Communications’ world, ACCEN is wishing to develop the foundation of this company as an ‘All Inclusive’ publishing company that approaches the ‘New Cultural Mainstream’ by incorporating every aspect of ‘LIFE’ from the written word, that is also produced in the audio and visual realm, while connecting to the ‘Direct Social Networking’ using every facet of publishing related to and every project.

ACCEN has been preparing JST KLSX – www.RockandRollHeaven.com of launching into main stream radio by utilizing the industry Professional Automation System called Nex Gen,  which is currently licensed from the largest corporation, Clear Channel, whose 800 plus radio stations use the software … as do countless other radio stations across the country and the world.

By already having the Nex Gen Automation System installed, JST KLSX has the ability to program effective and creative content consistently.

The programming philosophy of Mason Ramsey is dynamic and interactive with the added benefit of show specials and interviews produced around entertainers, highlighting … not only their music of the past, but also giving them a platform for their current music which is being ‘Highly’ neglected by main stream radio.

JST KLSX is also unique because of a proactive interaction with its listeners, whose participation is encouraged … giving every ‘Show’ and the ‘Stream’ itself an increased depth and richness. It allows listeners to become part of the show experience in an active manner as opposed to just being a passive listener. Listeners interact with a personality by phone, email, face book or visit with an interactive chat room where they can also interact with the ‘Host’ as well as other listeners.

While it may sound like an ‘Old Idea’ there is something missing from the ‘Mainstream Broadcasting Signals’ … and that is the ‘Creative and Philosophical’ management and talent of individuals who are ‘Determined’ to ‘Connect’ with the ‘Audience’ on so many levels in this futuristic landscape of ‘Social Networking.’

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