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Biographical Information - Leslie Moody

Leslie Moody was born in 1943 in Gridley, California to WWII Brigadier General Joseph Pomeroy and her mother Audrey, who was the director of Nurses for the Sutter County Hospital in Yuba City, California.

One of eight children, Leslie also has six half brothers and sisters from her father’s previous marriage, before marrying Audrey, ----- who all learned the many invaluable lessons living in a military family.

After graduating from Live Oak High School in Live Oak, California, Leslie embarked on her own nursing career at Yuba College in Marysville, California but, later opted for marriage and her first child Lisa.  While her husband’s employer required him to work in different states from Oregon, Colorado to Los Angeles, Leslie dutifully followed before deciding painfully on divorce proceedings, only to find out she was going to have twin daughters, Amber and Kippin, who were born in early 1972.

Being a self sufficient and get er’ done person, Leslie bounced back to begin working at Weyerhaeuser Lumber Mill, in Klamath Falls, Oregon where she learned how to drive a fork lift, pull chain and other nifty things.

It was about four years later that Leslie started working for the next fifteen years as a Telegrapher / Clerk for the Southern Pacific Railroad … giving her the opportunity of traveling extensively throughout Oregon and California. 

It was during this time Leslie met the love of her LIFE, Conductor Doyle Moody, who became her husband for 23 years, until he passed on December 30, 2004.  Doyle had been known to say on occasions, “I got so use to Leslie telling me where to go with the railroad, that I liked it, and asked her to marry me.”

Doyle had also been previously married, and with the blending of both families, they have seven girls, one boy and nineteen grandchildren. Leslie always attributes Doyle’s positive attitude in being a conscious choice, and one of the reasons she does not want people to associate her name with the behavior … and why she calls herself Un-Moody.

Leslie is also politically active and was a member of then California Governor Gray Davis’ California Department of Developmental Disabilities were she took pleasure in watching Bills being created and processed through the Capitol, to help in the funding those with the disabilities.

Currently, Leslie belongs to a couple organizations, including; the “Lyons' Pride,” an organization volunteering to clear sections of the 2,650 mile long Pacific Crest Trail, and is also a Pink Lady at Mercy Hospital in Redding, California delivering medications throughout  the hospital.

And while Leslie is a Christian "Work in Progress", and a follower of Christ's and the Bible’s teachings, she will always say, “I try to follow the Four Agreements written by Toltec Indian, Don Miguel Ruiz” which is: 

1.  Be Impeccable With Your Word
2.  Don’t Take Anything Personally
3.  Don’t Make Assumptions
4.  Always Do Your Best

And even with Leslie participating in all of her grandchildren’s many sports events as a driver, moderator, and photographer, she is teaching them to sail their 14’ sailboat at Whiskey Town Lake.

Leslie helps with America’s Coast to Coast Entertainment while she takes on extra duties as a house and dog sitter to make a little extra money – that will give her the opportunity of visiting Fiji next summer to help a relative in their endeavors.






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